« There will be 1.7 billion unbanked customers with mobile phones by 2012. From the research we believe that mobile money has the potential to deliver up to US$5 billion in direct revenues for mobile operators by 2012 on the basis of being adopted by up to 364 million unbanked customers. » » (CGAP & GSMA, Mobile Money Summit 2009, Barcelona).

Our technological solutions offer mobile operator in true leveraging power for growth. It allows them to:

  • Exploit the mobile channel to propose mCommerce services to their customers, or more so, offer in partnership with a bank, mbanking and mpayment services
  • Improve traffic and capture on the long run new sources of revenue with the commissions generated by different type of transactions,
  • succeed in cheaper recruitment through better targeting in marketing operations
  • establish effective loyalty programs and benefit from better customer knowledge and his or her preferences.

« Mobile Operator– multi-Banks » Model for mobile payment services