« South Africa home to one of the world’s largest digital mobile networks. It has the best mobile coverage on the continent at 80 per cent of the population. Mobile cellular came to Cambodia in late 1992. Within a year, mobile subscribers had already surpassed the number of fixed telephones in the country » The development of mobile banking initiatives (including mobile banking credit, savings, and insurance on the use of existing mobile phone infrastructures to reduce MFI transactional costs and broaden their reach to rural and remote areas) can be an efficient and innovative way of giving access to a considerable number of people to financial services. (Jacques Attali, Président de PlaNet Finance, 2009)

We put our technological innovation to serve the Microfinance sector, by creating secure, ease to use and adapted solution.

Our mobile payment solutions allow the MFIs to offer the micro entrepreneurs more economical financial services, taking into account their low revenues and giving them a greater chance to develop their project. It saves them from going to a remote branch and spending time waiting in line.

LCreova’s mobile solutions offer the MFIs the opportunity to serve their customers in the remote areas and to reach new targets. It also allows them to reduce transaction costs, simplify the collection process and increase their competitiveness with lower interest rates. Deployed successfully within a Tunisian MFI, ENDA, our solutions have rapidly been implemented in all branches, proving the ease of deployment and their efficiency.